"Dow Jones" jumps more than 500 points after the remarks, "Powell"

    US stocks rose today after Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell hinted that interest rates could be cut.

    Powell said today that the central bank is closely following the trade disputes between the United States on the one hand and China and Mexico on the other hand, pointing out that the Federal Reserve will move the appropriate measures if the impact of these conflicts on the growth of the US economy.

    Analysts considered the comments as hints that the central bank may decide to cut interest rates this year after its "patience" approach has been in place since the beginning of 2019.

    The Federal Reserve has come under pressure from US President Donald Trump to cut interest rates, with the latter accusing the central bank of slowing growth in the US economy.

    In the oil market, the price of "West Texas" by 0.4% to close at 53.48 dollars a barrel, the highest price of the day at 53.7 dollars and the lowest price at 52.4 dollars.

    Brent rose 1.1% to $ 61.97 a barrel, recording a high of $ 62.1 and a low of $ 60.2.

    At the close of trading, the Dow Jones jumped 2% (512 points) to 25,232 points, the highest level at 25,343 points and the lowest level at 24,962 points.

    The NASDAQ rose 2.6% (194 points) to 7,527 points, the highest level at 7,529 points and the lowest level at 7385 points.

    Standard & Poor's rose 2.1% (59 points) to 2,803 points, the highest level at 2804 points and the lowest level at 2762 points.

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